Modular City Tiles


A modular system for creating a city street layout on your gaming table. With just spray paint and a few hours, you’ll be ready to go!

There are plenty of options to try and suit everyone’s tastes.  Please be aware that shipping more than 16 tiles outside of the USA will be prohibitively expensive.

Upon ordering, your receipt will contain a survey of the tiles you would like.

Read Below for a more detailed explanation of the tiles.



Each tile is 300mm x 300mm or roughly 1ft x 1ft.  There are seven possible tiles to choose from, 3 straight varieties, 2 intersections, a curve, and a blank.  With these few choices, you can make an almost infinite number of layouts.  The roads have been placed on the tiles so you can easily match them up, no complicated arrangements are needed.

Each tile with a road section on it has a sidewalk on both sides of the road.  You can see close up pictures of the tiles here.  All of the tiles have been painted with my simple system that you can see in the video further down.

The tiles can be ‘pinned’ together with small connectors that work under the tile to hold them in place, though if you have a cloth of some sort underneath them, this likely will not be necessary.  The tiles are mounted on a 1cm frame underneath to prevent warping and allow for the ‘pinning’ of tiles.

Here is a video showing how to prepare them for gaming with ONLY spray paint.

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