Furious Class Airship


The Furious Class Airship is great addition the British Navy on Mars.  They are the jack of all trades for the navy, able to tackle any problem that comes there way.  This is a great model that stretches from Victorian Science Fiction to Pulp gaming.

Read below for a more complete description.

This airship is created from MDF and scaled to work with 28mm figures. It is 25 inches long and 15 inches wide.  If you would like a display base for the model, be sure to add one below.


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HMAS Furious
A VSF Airship

HMAS (Her Majesty’s Airship) Furious is a great vessel to patrol the skies of Mars or and alternate version of Victorian Europe.  It was created to be used for gaming but would do just as well on display in your home. I have tried to achieve something that is both useful and beautiful with this ship.  I have scaled it to work will with 28-30mm miniatures.


Care has been taken to insure the model would be a fun gaming piece.  The Furious is a combination of MDF, chipboard, acrylic, dowel rod, string, and a couple lengths of PVC pipes.
All pieces are laser cut and come flat packed on sheets to be punched out and assembled. The entire ship can easily be build with only Elmer’s glue and patience.  To make your life easier, a few binder clips and some masking tape will help hold things in place while the glue dries.


The HMAS Furious is 25 inches from bow to stern and has a beam of 15 inches from side to side.


The Interior

The interior of the ship is gamable as well.  Both levels of the super structure are removable.


A few addons have been planned for at the time of the launch.  Find pictures of each in the gallery to the left.

  • Display Base – $20
  • each Display Base after the first – $12
  • Economy Base – $9
  • each Economy Base after the first – $6
  • Additional Ship – $65
  • VSF Fins – $5
  • One-piece main hull – $6 (US)
  • One-piece main hull – $27 (Rest of World)

The additional ship may be another HMAS Furious or an HMAS Audacity.  Either way, two ships and bases will fit comfortably in the box for shipping, so the shipping fees won’t increase.

If three or more ships are order, then shipping will be charged at actual value.

Display Base and Economy Base

I have created a base that allows the ship to be displayed as if it were floating in the air.  It is not required to enjoy the model, but will be an optional addon for those who wish to purchase it.  There is also an economy base for those wishing to display it on a budget.

The clear acrylic Display Base is $20 and is cut from 3mm acrylic and fits together with no glue necessary.

The Economy Base is $9, it’s made from MDF and can be glued together.

VSF Fins

These fins are available for those who want a more conservative, angular look to the ship.  It is $5 for the alternate fins.

One-Piece Hull

In order to fit the ship in a Medium Flat Rate Box, I had to split the hull into two pieces.  It’s an OK solution, but a one-piece hull is the best solution.  A one-piece hull is $6 more to ship in the USA and $27 more to ship to the rest of the world.  In order to give folks the option, I’ve price the base shipping for the two piece and given the option to pay more for the one piece.

Audacious Variant

After a few outings of the Furious, it was evident that the design was solid and very serviceable, the crew loved it. Shortly after it left the shipyards a more efficient side by side boiler system was developed and rather than make a faster ship, more armor was added and now we have the Audacious.

This sister ship was designed to allow people to have more variety in their fleet.  Backers can choose which ship they prefer to receive and can order one ship, or two ships in any combination.

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