Duo - The Kid and Fury
The Kid – Domino Mask headFury – Cool Goggles head

Duo – Fury and The Kid

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This is a great combination Duo of Fury and a sidekick The Kids.

This Duo contains a complete Fury and a complete The Kid. Grab them now!

The Kid

The Kid is upholding the fine traditions from that golden age of comics when Supers had adolescent side kicks.  The Kid is ready to tag along on adverntures with three great head options: a Cowl head, a Flat Top head, and a Domino Mask head.

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Fury is here to add a bit of class to the team!  She is confident and fantastic.  Fury comes with a Female Cowl head, a Cool Goggle head and a Big Hair head.

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Sculpted by Soapy.

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