1st Wave Heroes and Villains


One of each of the first 10 Heroes and Villains in one package.  Those 10 Heroes and Villains are The Defender, Dr. E-Vil, Whiskers, Everest, Fury, Ram Jam, Hoplite, Ka-Pow, The Kid, and Super Soldier.

The Defender

This is your standard hero in a body suit ready to hit the front lines.  He comes with a Cowled head, a Laser Visor head, and a Domino Mask with 90's Do head.

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Add-on a cheap Hoplite?


Not every hero has super powers, sometimes you need a super suit.  Hoplite can hang with the best of them.  Hoplite comes with a Cyborg head, a Retro Armor head, and a Sleek Armor head.

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Everest is here to mix it up, up close and personal.  Everest comes with a Cowl-2 head, a 70's Mane head, and a Big Mouth head.

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Ka-Pow is ready to serve the team from a distance with his handy dandy laser (or is it?)  He comes with a lot of character packed into the three head choices.  Ka-Pow comes with an Afro Goggle head, a Bald Domino Mask head, and a Targeter head.

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Fury is here to add a bit of class to the team!  She is confident and fantastic.  Fury comes with a Female Cowl head, a Cool Goggle head and a Big Hair head.

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Ram Jam

Need some muscle to for you villains?  Ram Jam is your guy.  This model is HUGE for the 30mm scale, he is taller than the average figure, but the extra cost comes from the sheer amount of pewter that it takes to make this model.

Ram Jam comes with the Ram head, Hockey Mask head, and Ghoul head.

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Super Soldier

Our Super Soldier is prepared for any action you can throw at him.  He comes with a Secret Agent Head, a Blank head, and a St. George's Cross head.

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Dr. E-Vil

This figure is great for your evil mastermind.  He looks great sporting an Iron Mask, Alien Head, or Spartan Head.  We’re hoping this gives you the flexibility to have your evil your way.

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The Kid

The Kid is upholding the fine traditions from that golden age of comics when Supers had adolescent side kicks.  The Kid is ready to tag along on adverntures with three great head options: a Cowl head, a Flat Top head, and a Domino Mask head.

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Whiskers is a bit of a mischievous sort.  She's hiding something behind her back and looking very curious.  She's also unique amoung our models as she comes with three different heads and three different tails to match the heads.

She comes with the following heads (and matching tails): a Cat head, a Bunny head, and a Fox head.

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One of each of the first 10 heroes.

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