How big are they?

One of the first questions people have about miniatures is “How big are they?” or “What scale are they?” Well this isn’t an easy question to answer with words. We say Heroic 28mm Scale. That is to say that they will generally fit with the larger 28mm figures and that they are just over an inch tall for average sized models. Being super heroes though, some are much bigger!

Perhaps it’s best just to go to the pictures.  Here is The Defender next to a US Quarter.

The Defender and a Quarter


A Few Other 28mm’s For Reference

What are they made out of?

These miniatures are made out of what we call “white metal.”  Specifically, the white metal consists of an alloy of top end high grade virgin casting materials made predominantly from Tin. There is a small addition of Lead with other elements like Antimony and Copper.

This is the primary reason we don’t recommend our miniatures for use with children under 14 years of age.