I’m Not Dead Yet!

It’s been brought to my attention that I haven’t been blogging on the site recently.  I apologize for that and I’m going to try and keep up my posts on a more regular basis. I haven’t updated for a while as I haven’t had news to report, but that has changed!  I now hope that […]

Crossover Miniatures September Sales!

I’ve got lots of great sales to tell folks about this month.  I’ve wrapped up the August sale and will be adding 4 new sales and deals. Last month I ordered some really cool miniatures for my Daughter for her birthday, and paid $8 shipping for a $12 order, and it came in a box […]


Head Shoppe Now Open

I have been told by many people that I should be making separate head spru molds and selling the heads separately.  I haven’t been doing this as it’s quite expensive and I’m not sure it will be financially viable. BUT here’s the best attempt I can make to try and keep the customers happy.  Crossover […]

Customer Gallery Added to the Site

Customer Gallery Added to the Site

I have added a Gallery to the site to show off some of the great work by the folks that have been buying our miniatures.  We have a humble four figures on the page at the moment, but as more people paint and post pictures on the web, it will grow. I’m hoping this becomes […]


My Kickstarter Experience

What’s Kickstarter? I first discovered Kickstarter by accident.  I saw a post on a mesage board asking about a project called The Department, so I followed the link to their page on Kickstarter.  It seemed like a great little game, and in his intro video, the creator mentioned something called “The Goal System”.  One quick […]

Reaper Miniatures - Captain Griffon


We are creating some great looking figures and I just wanted to let folks know the size of these guys.  Here’s a couple of pictures that show the scale of the figures. One figure, the guy with the ram horns is meant to be larger than your average Joe, so he stands about 33mm to […]


Profile – Super Soldier

Universal Super Soldier We wanted to make sure the range had a super soldier type when we started out.  The idea was to make him fit lot’s of different roles based on painting and head type used.  I’d like to think we accomplished that, the middle head here is just one of our other heads […]


Profile – Evil Super Villain

Classic Super Villain With this figure we wanted to create a classic arch-enemy for you favorite hero.  This is the guy coming up with all the plots and setting things in motion. You know, the guy you face at the end of the story who’s been pulling all the strings. We thought for the most […]

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