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More Airships Take to the Skies

Crossover Miniatures has been busy with it’s latest airship project, the Airship for Victorian Science Fiction and Pulp Gaming.  It’s been a great success and I’ll be busy cutting the ships until June. It’s also caused me to re-imagine the MDF bases I’ve created for all the ships I make and now I’m converting them […]


Creating Emerald City – Part 1

So once you’ve bought your awesome Crossover Miniatures (or some other manufacturers cool minis) what do you do next? You build a city to fight in.  Most classic comics pitch the heroes against the villains in a city scape, so that’s what I’m going to build. Now, like a lot of folks, I’m pretty terrible […]

Kickstarter Success

Our Kickstarter Was a Success!

I’d like to publicly thank everyone involved in the recent Kickstarter.  We took a chance and produced more miniatures than we ever have before!  A whopping 10 unique Heroes/Villains and 23 unique Minion poses.  This resulted in our largest Kickstarter in terms of funds raised and backers involved. The Kickstarter backers should start to receive […]


Painting by Dark Forge Studio

I recently had some models painted by Dark Forge Studio, a painting company out of Belfast in Norther Ireland.  I needed some models for photo shoots and I wanted them to look better than I could do with my brush.  The gentleman at Dark Forge Studios were great to work with and I’m quite happy […]


Our Store is Chugging Along

I just wanted to let everyone know that all of our models from the last Kickstarter have been added to the store.  Take a look around and see if there is anything that you might like! Our next set of models are rolling along nicely.  We have already sculpted 4 sets of minions and 5 […]


A Visit to Our European Stockist

I recently shut down the store for a few weeks while I went on a family vacation.  My wife is from the UK so we manage to get there every few years.  This trip I was able to finagle a trip to visit Minibits, our European stockist for Crossover Miniatures.  Minibits shares space with the […]

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