A Visit to Our European Stockist

pendrakenI recently shut down the store for a few weeks while I went on a family vacation.  My wife is from the UK so we manage to get there every few years.  This trip I was able to finagle a trip to visit Minibits, our European stockist for Crossover Miniatures.  Minibits shares space with the very popular Pendraken 10mm Miniatures.

I remain convinced that I made the best choice possible for the face of Crossover Miniatures in the UK.  Leon also runs a contract mold making and casting business for other miniature lines and I was fascinated to see the equipment and process in person.

Back to business as usual.  It won’t be long before the most recent Kickstarter pledges are fulfilled and a load of new stock will hit the shelves at Crossover Miniatures and Minibits!

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  1. Leon July 31, 2013 at 1:29 am #

    Thanks for the comments, great to put a face to a name as well! I hope you and the family enjoyed the trip over, and we’ll hopefully see you again soon.

    PS, We’ll take everyone to Nando’s next time!

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